Why Ivy Global?

For Students

Ivy Global is a pioneering education company with over a decade of test prep experience, running classes through out the US and Canada. Our team is a dedicated team of content writers who have had and improved their expertise in each exam. They have allowed us to create exams with faithfulness to the unique specifications of each exam. As a result, we are confident our tests will provide an experience true to official test prep practice tests.

Our content for each test also includes high quality instructional content that is laid out in an easy to understand manner. Each book we publish is comprehensive, with learning material that is complete and deals with every aspect of that particular standardized test. There are a large group of test prep companies and private tutors that use our materials.



    For Educators

    Ivy Global SAT prep materials are used by a multitude of test prep companies both in the US and worldwide to help improve their student SAT test scores.

    The key benefits include:

    • Custom label score reports and books
    • Instructor/teacher support
    • Established curriculum

    Contact us now at publishing@ivyglobal.com. We also provide samples of our materials so you can review them first before making a decision.


    Custom Branded Covers

    • A variety of our books can be custom branded with your company or organization's logo.

    Custom Branded Score Reports

    • A score report is one of the most essential tools in the test-prep toolkit.
    • Produce custom score reports with your company’s cover pages for free.

    Digital License

    • We offer practice exams in a digital format.