SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 2 (Pocketbook)

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SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary 2 Pocketbook (Extended Vocab) - 125 words, definitions and sample sentences for the SSAT and ISEE.

This pocketbook is the second book in a set of three, comprehensive vocabulary practice specifically targeted towards the SSAT and ISEE. It provides concise and direct definitions along with clear example sentences that will ensure that the student not only remembers the definition of the word, but also knows how to use it in context.

This pocketbook includes: 

  • 125 common words that are included in both the ISEE and SSAT.
  • Includes easy, medium and advanced words.
  • Flip-through format so student's can easily test their knowledge (similar to flash cards)
  • Students can write their own examples and definitions in the books.